About MostCraft

Originally founded by a crafty husband and wife duo, Mostcraft began as a hobby that soon flourished into a mecca for all things knitting, sewing, gluing, and DIY related.

The MostCraft Promise

We make it our personal goal to only showcase products, content, and projects that we’ve either tried ourselves or are willing to tackle. Our hope is that we’ll provide easy to follow guides for crafters as well as endless inspiration for beginners to get their feet wet. If there’s something you’d love to see us do, just contact us!

Who We Are/Team

Here at Mostcraft, we’re a skilled team of like minded individuals with a passion for crafting. We each bring our own area of expertise to the table; from knitting to sewing and DIY projects of all kinds. If we can craft it, we can write about it!

Our Writers/Editorial Team

Our Editorial Team is composed of writers that were carefully chosen for their extensive experience in their subject areas.

Candace Osmond with glasses and red scarf

Candace Osmond – Writer

Award Winning Designer, Candace Osmond has been in the industry for over a decade. She studied Interior Decorating and Design and is also an accomplished writer and multi-published author. When she’s not typing away from the comforts of her desk, Candace can be found travelling to warm destinations, sewing and crafting, as well as reading. Candace currently resides in the breathtaking Maritimes of Eastern Canada with her husband, two beautiful kids and one slobbery bulldog.

Camille Severino portrait shot wearing a cap

Camille Severino – Writer

Camille Severino has been dabbling in crafts since she could first stand. Whether is was hooking rugs, crocheting afghans, or painting, there is barely a medium Camille has not worked in when it comes to crafting. Camille draws and writes a comic strip titled 3 Feet of Wood, which she self publishes, and she is currently finishing her first novel. In her spare time Camille likes to cook, bake, paint with acrylics and strum her guitar.

a portrait shot of Sarah Wishloff

Sarah Wishloff – Writer

Sarah Wishloff is a graphic designer and artist who is passionate about finding creative ways to use art for the common good. Her artwork has been featured in various magazines, and she has designed logos for radio stations, non-profit organizations, and educational institutions. Sarah prides herself on her creative spirit and addiction to crafting. She has tried her hand at everything imaginable: quilting, shoe painting, knitting, wood carving, embroidery, wire-wrapping. Frequently receiving compliments on her clothes or home decor, Sarah’s favourite phrase is: “Thank you! I made it!” She is also an experienced writer, having worked on everything from academic manuscripts to public health blogs. Although she resides in Eastern Canada, Sarah is fond of travelling, and enjoys sending loved one’s homemade postcards and paintings from around the world.

Our Goals

We strive to bring you the best, unbiased reviews of all the craft supplies we can find, including our favorite yarn winder, the best sewing machine for beginners, or even testing the best heat press that actually gets the job done. All while working day and night to provide step by step tutorials on projects of all kinds.

The next stage for Mostcraft includes In-depth interviews with pro bloggers and experts on the best crafting products on the market. We’ll also be hosting contests for the best submitted projects and content.

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