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On-Page SEO Checker

What is SE Ranking’s On-Page SEO Checker?

The On-Page SEO Checker is a tool that gives you a list of things you can do directly on a page to improve its rankings. It checks page elements and metrics that help search engines see if the content is relevant to users and whether they’ll get a good experience on the page. Take advantage of every opportunity to improve your on-page SEO and have full control of your pages.

What is SE Ranking’s On-Page SEO Checker?

What’s inside the On-Page SEO Checker

On-Page SEO Audit

  • On-page tool groups issues based on their importance and urgency into four lists: errors, warnings, notices, and those that don’t require action.

    On-page tool groups issues based on their importance and urgency into four lists: errors, warnings, notices, and those that don’t require action.

  • Issue report categories show the current and recommended values for every metric based on page SEO factors related to metadata, text content, user experience, etc.

    Issue report categories show the current and recommended values for every metric based on page SEO factors related to metadata, text content, user experience, etc.

  • Fix recommendations and metric comparisons provide you with actionable insights on how your landing pages can be improved to outrank the competition.

    Fix recommendations and metric comparisons provide you with actionable insights on how your landing pages can be improved to outrank the competition.

Get a data-driven roadmap for optimizing existing web pages with the AI-powered On-Page SEO Checker

On-page SEO Tasks

Create your own custom on-page tasks for every target URL

On-page SEO Tasks

Manage your SEO page analysis and optimization workflow and sort action items by:

  • Priority (high, medium, low) depending on how each task can improve the overall quality score

    Priority (high, medium, low) depending on how each task can improve the overall quality score

  • Categories that influence rankings such as Text content, User experience, Media, etc.

    Categories that influence rankings such as Text content, User experience, Media, etc.

  • Status (to do, done, ignore) that shows how your improvements are being implemented

    Status (to do, done, ignore) that shows how your improvements are being implemented

Start by reading your Page SEO Score

  • The Page SEO score reflects the page quality, with pages that meet set criteria and fall within the value range of top-ranking URLs getting a higher score.
  • Understand in a glance which factors are dragging your landing pages down holding you back from top ranking positions.
  • Quickly improve the overall Quality Score by tackling the biggest issues first and drive more traffic as a result.
Start by reading your Page SEO Score

Dozens of on-page SEO factors tested

Use our on-page grader to test page SEO and get a full breakdown for every ranking factor and know what you should fix

Content analysis
Key on-page SEO elements
General metrics
Page experience
Image analysis
Content analysis
Any web page’s content must be unique, relevant, bring value, and easily satisfy the search intent of its target keyword(s). Pay attention to content uniqueness, the keyword density (the ratio of target keywords to ordinary text in the overall word count), the word count in comparison to top-ranking competitor landing pages, use of headings on the page to give it structure, and other factors.
Key on-page SEO elements
Besides the content itself, the most essential on-page SEO elements that must be optimized on every web page are title tags, meta description, header tags, internal links, URL structure, and keywords. Understanding their importance for both users and search engines and implementing them correctly on your landing pages will help you create better and clearer content.
Link analysis
External links on your website linking out to third-party sites, backlinks from third-party sites pointing back to your site as well as internal links within your site pointing to other pages of the same site are important to on-page SEO since there’s a direct correlation between the quality and quantity of links and how much search traffic your site receives. Links signal Google that a site is quality and citation-worthy.
General metrics
Keeping tabs on the backend of your website will help drive your one page SEO check. Pay attention to such factors like SSL certificate expiration date, use of a secure HTTPS connection, as well as the page’s organic traffic forecast given the current setup. And since your site’s landing pages don’t exist in a vacuum, benchmark all of this data against your top competitors.
Page experience
Page experience signals measure how website users interact with web pages. These signals include page load time, Core Web Vitals (Cumulative Layout Shift, First Input Delay, and Largest Contentful Paint), mobile-friendliness, HTTPS, safe-browsing, and intrusive interstitials guidelines. Currently, page experience signals are taken into account by search engines when ranking websites.
If your pages aren’t indexed, they are basically not read by search engines. This means that they won’t appear in SERPs no matter how much SEO you do on them. Before doing anything else, make sure to check the indexing status of your pages to verify that they can be indexed. Plus, run a scan of your robots.txt file to see if it is set up correctly and search engines can read it.
Image analysis
Image SEO involves activities like giving images descriptive file names and using hyphens to separate the words, optimizing the file size so that the quality is maintained while the image doesn’t slow down the page and doesn’t negatively affect page rankings, adding image alt tags and occasionally including appropriate keywords in them to help search engines understand what’s depicted on them.

Get started with On-Page SEO Checker

Get started with On-Page SEO Checker
  • Enter an URL

    Enter an URL

  • Choose a search engine and location

    Choose a search engine and location

  • Decide how many search results to analyze

    Decide how many search results to analyze

  • Add 1 primary and up to 30 secondary keywords

    Add 1 primary and up to 30 secondary keywords

Learn how your pages stack up against top SERP results and get an on-page SEO checklist to outrank them


What is SEO on-page optimization?
On-page search engine optimization, also known as on-page SEO, is the practice of taking every possible measure directly on a website’s pages to make sure they’re optimized for their target keywords, and as a result, have better chances of getting higher search engine ranking positions.
What does on-page SEO include?
On-page SEO involves optimizing both page content and HTML source code that includes such page elements as title tags, meta descriptions, headlines, header tags, image optimization, structured data, and so on.
What is an SEO on-page audit?
An on-page SEO audit is the process of using a specialized tool to check if every on-page SEO element on a website’s page is optimized for its target keyword. An on-page SEO audit enables you to know your web page’s technical SEO health, discover what issues are decreasing its online visibility, learn if it can be crawled and indexed by search engines, and keep it up-to-date with search engine developments.
How do I use the on-page SEO checker?
The AI-powered On-Page SEO Checker tool allows you to find out if any web page (landing page, blog, product page, homepage) in any industry is optimized for its target search query. The tool takes competitor data into account when analyzing pages against 94 parameters, and if any one of them doesn’t meet the recommended range, it is categorized as an error, warning or notice. With the help of fix suggestions, you can take care of each issue that is holding your page back from top SERP results.
What is the on-page SEO score, and what’s a good score?
The On-Page SEO Checker provides an accurate page quality score that is based on around 70 parameters, each with a different weight on rankings, and lets you know how well the page is optimized for a certain keyword. Off-page optimization metrics are also included in the report but don’t impact the score.

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Sebastian Weidner
CEO at Rankingdoc

The choice of SEO tools is huge and the range of services and prices is also wide. We were looking for a tool that supports us in our daily work in the best possible way, offers a high usability, extensive functionality and a fair price at the same time. SE Ranking meets these requirements perfectly and we do not want to miss this tool anymore in order to push the rankings of our customers.

Jan B.
Owner at JB Online Marketing
Real value for great price

Clear view of rankings and positions, site audit tool for quick scan and backlink checker are very useful. I use it a lot and also use the lead generator to get a free scan for potential clients which runs automated when they fill in the form. The dashboard gives you a good view of changes in traffic and positions. The marketing plan is a bit simple but it gives you some direction of what to do first on the website and you can also check the boxes when you finished a task which works very well

Giannis Koutsopoulos
CEO at AboutHotelier
Best seo tool a company could have

SE Ranking is the best seo platform our company has used so far. The interface of the platform is great & user-friendly. The available options are many. From tracking rankings, monitoring backlinks, keyword research to competitor analysis and website audit, everything we need to optimize our sites is just one click away. Also, for any questions or anything else we needed, the live support team replied & helped me with straight away.

Bram van den Heuvel
CEO at Brijn Webproducts BV
Excellent SEO tool for keeping track of customers

I like the automatic reports best. They are very much customisable until customer level and of course have the ability to style it to your own. This makes it easier for us, as we don’t have to make them manually anymore. Apart from that the tools inside SE Ranking are great for a quick analyses or where you want, go in to the dept.

Florian Bierschenk
Online Marketing Manager at charly.education
Good SEO Tool for small size business

I was used to work with Tools like Sistrix, Ahrefs or Searchmetrics and did not know about SE Ranking before. But those tools were too cost-intensive for a small and quick start into SEO so I tried it out and I am quite satisfied with it. I like the ability to pay for certain services with credits, as I am not using them on a very frequent level, so it actually gives me greater flexibility to only use them when needed and not paying for them even when not using them.

Nirina M. Razanamparany
Software Engineer | Co-Founder at Code & Scale
A very complete SEO Tool

The tool is very complete: keywords planning and tracking, backlinks analysis, competitions research… A very few SEO software provides all those features in this price range. Although, the customer experience is optimal: the UI is clear and intuitive and SE Ranking’s people are very kind, empathic and helpful.

I also loved that, before ever reaching out to ask for a trial account or set up a sales call, they have a demo account where you can actually play with the tool and see what the features look like beyond just a screenshot.

Joe David
Founder & Marketing Consultant at Rochallor Digital
Most comprehensive SEO tool I’ve used

I like the competition analysis tools, it provides paid and organic data, which gives me an idea on how to catch up and outrank the immediate competition for my clients. It also provides data for the potential traffic, which helps show clients the potential gains of the campaign. And with the marketing plan, I know what needs to be improved in order to get results for my clients.

Harm Hendriks
Owner at Premium Online
Perfect fit for our marketing agency

After trying a lot (10+ years of experience) SE ranking stands out on top of others because it combines everything we need for our clients. We do only provide the client with rankings, but also with the potential traffic (and revenue) of those ranking when they hit top 3 in Google. The tool let us provide the client with in depth analysis of the technical stuff ánd a marketing plan tool, so we can set goals and follow a checklist of monthly activities. And to top it all off it’s fully whitelabel.

John Sammon
Founder and CEO at Sixth City Marketing
SE Ranking helped our business increase efficiency and efficacy

We’ve used other tools in the past, but SE Ranking offers more up-to-date data and information, which benefits our agency and clients. SE Ranking allows us to access historical data with just a few clicks without ever having to leave the interface. From daily ranking updates to current search volume trends, there are numerous aspects that are essential when formulating client strategies, and with SE Ranking’s continuously updated system we are able to use this data to help our clients succeed.

Jason Barnard
Digital Consultant Marketing at Kalicube
SE Ranking is my go-to platform for SEO

It does all the important jobs incredibly well and reliably with no fuss. Site audit, Google rank tracking, traffic analysis, competitive analysis… Every step of the setup and the reporting is intuitive, and is accompanied by clear and helpful advice. And the rare times I have had the slightest problem, their client support is quick, helpful and efficient (best in the market!). All of which adds to a no-fuss, high performance platform for an expert like myself, and also the perfect tool for anyone still getting up to speed on SEO. 100% recommended.

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More features to explore

  • Get immediate notifications when a change is made to a web page
  • Compare changes against two scanning dates
  • Understand the reasons behind rankings fluctuations
  • Add a customized widget to your website
  • Offer a free on-page SEO audit to your visitors
  • Collect info on visitors to convert them into clients
  • Analyze and group search queries that match the same website’s URL
  • Group keywords regardless of the location
  • Check the search volume right on spot
  • Easily group long-tail search queries
  • Analyze each link against 15 SEO parameters
  • Discover your and your competitors’ backlink profiles
  • Export backlinks to the Backlink Monitoring tool
  • Base your backlink profile structure on valuable SEO factors
  • Schedule automatic social media posting
  • Analyze key metrics
  • Facebook & Twitter management
  • Analyze social media user demographics
  • Customizable domain logo, header, footer, color scheme, and much more
  • Set automated or manually generated branded reports
  • Custom access to different SEO facilities
  • Use your own domain via separate personal access
  • Complete checklist with directions and tips
  • Regularly updated material
  • Custom tasks can be added
  • Track your progress
  • Discover competitors by keywords, domains, subdomains, and URLs
  • Analyze the Ads advertising history
  • Get a list of all your competitors in the search results
  • Get ideas for alternative keywords for your ad campaign and organic promotion
  • Analyze all of your pages against key SEO parameters
  • Compare previous crawls
  • Solve issues by following our guidelines
  • Study analyzed parameters categorized as “passed”, “warnings” and “errors”